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Wall Demo 3 - Flat layout

Germany coalition: Merkel to meet SPD in new bid for deal The Social Democrats are under pressure to reconsider an alliance with Mrs Merkel and end a deadlock.
Amazon workers on strike in Italy and Germany Employees disrupt one of the retailer's busiest shopping days in disputes over pay and conditions.
Five Ukraine troops die in heavy fighting with Luhansk rebels There has been a serious escalation of fighting in rebel-held areas of eastern Ukraine.
Brexit: Both sides need to 'step forward' says May Theresa May says it is up to the EU, not just the UK, to "step forward" to the next stage of talks.
Irish deputy PM no confidence motion could force election The Irish government could collapse over a no confidence motion tabled against the deputy PM.
Russian village complex where England team may stay Russia hosts the 2018 Football World Cup; we've had exclusive access to England's preferred training base.
Charity Water - Birthday Campaign I'm asking for $28 from everyone I know -- and every penny of the money raised will go directly to fund clean water projects in developing nations. Even better, charity: water will show us exactly which projects we funded once ... 251 2 105 secs
String Me Along I decided to change the strings and do a tune-up on my guitar today and turned the camera on to record it. First time using medium gauge strings on this guitar and I like the sound so far. I decided ... 222 1 562 secs
Kaleidoscope I received a beautiful kaleidoscope from my grandmother for Christmas. This video doesn't do justice to the mesmerizing images it produce but I thought I'd see what I could capture using an iPhone. 149 0 60 secs
Facebook Author Tag: anytime your content is shared, your NAME goes with it. #musthave ‼️‼️... Facebook Author Tag: How to Use it to Grow FAT Traffic [#TrafficHack]Are you taking advantage of the Facebook Author Tag? 🤔 Don't even know what Facebook Author Tag is? 😱 Learn and stop leaving FAT traffic on the table. +1s 4 4 0
A little something to brighten up your Monday... 😂😝❤️ A little something to brighten up your Monday... 😂😝❤️ +1s 9 1 5
😂🤣😘From Ana with ☕️ 😂🤣😘
From Ana with ☕️
+1s 8 0 3
Puppies from the same litter meeting for the first time Samson meets his brother Goose and sister Stella after being seperated for 4 months from when they were puppies. 147 1 108 secs

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