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Wall Demo in modern 2 layout with light skin:

Driver captures his own terrifying car crash on video https://t.co/Q7ZSZ0ATUA https://t.co/5hHUofb1tN
[🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS 🔥 ] How to Write Killer Blog Posts Even If... How to Write Killer Blog Posts Even If You Are a Lousy Writer Like MeDoes writing blog posts intimidate you? What about writing GREAT blog posts? I know the feeling. My story of being a blah writer + my post writing routine.+1s 9 3 2
Scarlett Johansson's next business venture might surprise you: https://t.co/T7UM8H2nT2 https://t.co/GhGtSjKqlg
Bob Dylan has now removed even that tiny Nobel reference https://t.co/0f9yqmDT0p https://t.co/21aWZ4tJEq
Duterte hating on the U.S. has inspired a Spam meme in the Philippines https://t.co/0J7i8dxsLD https://t.co/q8AdBQ8Cnh
Donald Trump dropped a superb Melania joke, before turning dark https://t.co/WNj9oClrrP
Victoria Beckham just announced a very affordable collaboration with Target https://t.co/MJ59cwOxFg https://t.co/vZo8jAIQcG
Facebook has apologized for removing this cancer awareness video https://t.co/Tm4gMr6QX6 https://t.co/N1GrWKZsfd
18482-presscdn-0-9-pagely.netdna-ssl.com Eric Karkovack looks at the rise of subtle animation in WordPress themes; check it out at http://enva.to/yHQh5.
Humbled by one of Mother Earth's greatest miracles 🌎✨
I always thought I'd cry the first time I saw the Northern Lights. And I did. Only, it was because ...
Should You Add Free Digital Downloads To Your Site? Is adding free digital downloads to your site worth it?
If you look at the great blogs, the really informative, truly valuable blogs out there, they all share one thing ...
Gummies + Vintage Mags V2 (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn)
Get 40% Off Music Kits Haven't checked out music kits yet? They're a cool way to simplify creating music for your project; just drag and drop to get the perfect soundtrack.
Easy to use, modular ...
Bucket list scuba dive in the Silfra Fissure thanks to @ArcticAdventures! 💦
Silfra is the only place in the world where you can dive between continental plates.

The water ...
Top 50 WooCommerce Themes - October Update Check out October's Top 50 WooCommerce themes & find the perfect one for your shop!
WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform which offers endless customization options. It comes as an easy ...
I can't express how special it was to finally see the Northern Lights earlier this week in Iceland! Last night, I got my second performance at the Gardur lighthouse 😍
Music Made Easy: 40% off Music Kits This Week Definitely check this out; music kits are a great way to get the soundtrack for your project perfectly customized (and this deal's too good to miss).
Easy to use audio ...
Why I'll Always Take Time to Talk to Women Studying Tech “Women are taught from a very early age that they just don’t belong in technical fields.”

Danya Azzopardi explains why she's always ready to chat to women in tech.
A ...
Beach girl no matter where I am in the world 🌊
#iceland #beach #sorel
How to Use YouTube Live Events to Replace Hangouts On Air+Dustin W. Stout walks... How to Use YouTube Live Events to Replace Hangouts On AirNow that Google Hangouts On Air is shutting down, the only alternative for content creators is to turn to YouTube Live Events. We'll show you exactly how to set one ...+1s 6 1 0
Prisma for iOS now lets you tweak videos up to 15 seconds longIn case... Tweed - Fallen Angel [Official Video]Watch our wonderful collaboration with Borsi Flóra and the developers of the amazing Prisma application now! Song written by Tweed, all rights reserved Faceb...+1s 6 2 0
The Facebook Hack That Will 10x Your Reach by +Mike AlltonTHE SKINNY:To improve... The Facebook Hack That Will 10x Your Reach by +Mike Allton


To improve your post reach, there are two things that you need to do:

1. Only Post ...
+1s 15 0 6
Does It Pay to Help Customers via Twitter? [STUDY]I believe this is applicable to... Does It Pay to Help Customers via Twitter? [STUDY]

I believe this is applicable to ALL size businesses and solopreneurs alike.

Is there any measurable value to businesses for responding ...
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A good read on HTTP vs HTTPS What Happened When I Flipped a WordPress Based... Results: Flipping a WordPress Based Site from http to httpsIn mid-July of 2015, I decided to flip the Sugarrae.com site to https using SSL. In the last eighteen+ months, Google has been pushing hard to “make SSL happen.” They ...+1s 20 6 5
Twitter users can now add ‘View on Periscope’ links to their web profilesTo link... Twitter users can now add ‘View on Periscope’ links to their web profiles

To link your Periscope profile, click on “Edit Profile” on Twitter, then check the “Show My Periscope ...
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