The world's first monster truck front flip will leave you grinning like a kid
Is a portion of the $90m raised by the #iceboxchallenge for #stemcell research being used to create artificial wombs, artificial births?
$USRM 60 days is coming soon for that FDA Approval, don't be left without shares #StemCell #biotech #biotechnology #Pharmaceutical #Pharma 💰
Samsung's Galaxy S8 is HERE ✨

and we're a little meh on it so far 🤐
Stephen Colbert can explain the Trump/Russia connection. But only with the help of Tom Clancy books.
@drarisfadzillah assalamualaikum Dr ☺ May i know if the skin care product we use have stemcell is it good for our skin face ? Tq Dr ☺
Follow live: Everything you need to know from Samsung's Galaxy 8 event
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🌀tries Snapchat once🌀
real friend @sweetbabyjamie
Ну вы понимаете о чём я😊 1 32
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Happy Supermooncake Festival Shot this back in September 2015.1000D & EF 80-200mm f4.5-5.6 II
Vaughn_CARETX This video is about Vaughn_CARETX 22 0 139 secs
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