How to Make Your Resume Better With Keywords & Phrases Are you sending resume after resume, but still not getting
called for an interview?MRI Network’s 2015 survey
of more than 400 recruiters revealed that we’re in a candidate-driven market.
Applicants ...
A video game predicted NASA's TRAPPIST-1 discovery. Like, actually
Samsung's new tablets are out to destroy the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4
Best Website Navigation Menus We got our community to pick the menus they think you should definitely check out.
A collection of inspiring website navigation menus from GraphicRiver and ThemeForest.
Top trends in typography for 2017 It's going to be a great year for fonts.
At Envato, we see a lot of fonts. While we’e working on web designs, or reviewing the typeface library of almost ...
Keep your vids coming & maybe you’ll meet Nugget at the #iheartawards too! Rules in profile! #chainedtotherhythm 📹 by @jessronagrooming (TAKE TWO, DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES)
Toot toot, beep beep... #thethelma @katyperrycollections
You'll definitely recognize the famous names using the Tumblr themes featured in this week's Famous Five.
100 Free Adobe Premiere Pro Add-Ons: Presets, Templates and Plugins Unlock Premiere Pro's Extra SuperpowersYou might know Adobe Premiere Pro as an powerful non-linear video editing program, but did you know that your NLE can do all sorts of things ...
The Must-Have Adobe Illustrator Assets for Digital Artists and Designers There are so many tools and assets designers and artists can add to their virtual toolbox that it's hard to know where to begin! Stop the guessing game and check ...
How To Use External Monitors With a Gimbal  No matter what camera you put on a gimbal, one of the biggest issues is monitoring what you’re shooting. Some cameras have removable LCD screens that you can mount somewhere ...
Giant Sturgeon fish Did you know there is a freshwater fish that can grow up to 20 ft. in length? I didn't, but I do now. It's called a Sturgeon fish.

They're really ...
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🥀I never promised you a rose garden🥀 @adamselman
String Me Along I decided to change the strings and do a tune-up on my guitar today and turned the camera on to record it. First time using medium gauge strings on this ... 217 1 562 secs
Stars Above the Cabin Making the most of staying in the middle of nowhere to attempt some astrophotography.The Cabin at Park Farm House, Weston, UK
Happy Supermooncake Festival Shot this back in September 2015.1000D & EF 80-200mm f4.5-5.6 II
21 Centerpieces You 21 Centerpieces You Can Easily DIY 8058 Repin 570 Likes