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A most important query. Rooted in the thinking behind the ghosts. If it’s been awhile since you’ve watched the movie “Six...

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First bars on phone just in time as I watched these giants snuggle and snuggle and get up to move and snuggle more. (at Elephant...
Dreamy breakfast setup at @tuguhotels Canggu 😍🌼
📷 by @mijlof | #bali #travel #ootd #style #tuguhotel
Envato Last chance to get your entry in and be in the running for a share in $2000.
Tips for Dealing With Stress in the Digital Industry "A little stress is helpful to push us further, but don’t let it take over your life."
In this quick tip we’ll cover some basics on how you can prepare ...
Spain said it would come after Gibraltar following #Brexit. And now it has. https://t.co/hax3IYn3Vp https://t.co/YwL7m9N30t
Rice fields forever 🌱🌴🌱
Shot on my @djiglobal #phantom4 #drone |
#bali #travel #balibible #balidaily
Want to feature video content? Here are 20 of the best #WordPress video themes. https://t.co/AJYiuodaUg https://t.co/HUPB2IfGKS
Kelly Clarkson to release a 'soulful' record in 2017. Plus: more live covers!
https://t.co/zqUmF2a9Vd https://t.co/cp85clIq2U
UK's vote to exit the EU has researchers worried about scientific brain drain https://t.co/bxutqgwFtQ https://t.co/VQkPdJIwDT
No problem! Have a great time in (r)Adelaide, Rails peeps. 😀 https://t.co/TQ15LIisqe
Scotland's major political leaders snubbed Donald Trump during his golf course visit https://t.co/XId50kR9nL
Oops: According to Fox News, the UK is Brexiting the United Nations
https://t.co/oIq2ce3dE8 https://t.co/PFy9s6flQ7
Canggu sunsets FTW 🙌🏻💜
Checked into @tuguhotels Canggu -- one of my favorite hotels in Bali! You can't get much closer to the beach and the sunsets here are ...
.@cyantaeed chatted to The Sunrise about founding Envato. https://t.co/6hAQw06lAr
Why the new Mercedes-AMG GT R is the David Hasselhoff of sports cars https://t.co/vNYiEZly6v https://t.co/wJYlUHIlwU
This month has held some tough times; both collectively and personally but after a long drive I find myself struck again (and...
Opera brings a completely free and unlimited VPN to iOSWith Opera VPN for iOS,... Opera brings a completely free and unlimited VPN to iOS

With Opera VPN for iOS, users will be able to bypass geo-restrictions for online content, circumvent firewalls, block ads, and ...
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The best coconut mojitos in #bali! 😋🍹
It's never easy to leave Bali, but I just landed in Qinghai, China where I'll be traveling for the next week. 🇨🇳 ...
Morning stroll around the grounds at @TuguHotels in Canggu 🌿
📷: @Mijlof

Playsuit by @somedayslovin |#bali #tuguhotel #travel #luxury #wanderlust
Make sure you look out for these two and say hi if you're headed to #WCEU this weekend. https://t.co/z2WXxaKnSe
How to Avoid the Dismal Small Business Failure Rates Definitely worth a read if you're a small business owner.
Small business failure is never pretty, but it’s a stark reality in the business world.
These harem yoga pants from the Ubud Market in Bali are one of my all-time favorite travel essentials, and this time I’m making a little extra cash on my trip ...

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