What to expect from Instagram's glitzy portrait studio at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party https://t.co/r2xlV7PZbL
You'll definitely recognize the famous names using the Tumblr themes featured in this week's Famous Five.
Cash me ousside 🌾🌿
#howbowdah | Shot on my @djiglobal #mavic #drone | @gondwanagr #southafrica #mavicpro #fromwhereidrone #thisissouthafrica #wowsouthafrica
My first African safari at @gondwanagr 🐘🦁🦏
I surprised my mom with a 2 night stay at the Gondwana Game Reserve -- it's her first trip to South Africa ...
This 1917 exercise plan aimed to give businessmen the poise of a crouching tiger https://t.co/yMprFeFWCi
Sometimes it can be tough to actually accept your success. https://t.co/v08ek1lbME
Some cool menu options to make navigating your site easy & stylish. https://t.co/f6LNzsmZeb
20+ Best WordPress Resume Themes: For Your Personal Website Get some tips for your personal resume site (plus some suggestions for a few cool themes).
Whether you’re fresh out of college or looking to find a better job, you ...
Linssen CS 36 Sedan Linssen CS 36 Sedan Deckbridge: Von den Stahlyachtspezialisten kommt ein… 0 Repin 0 Likes
How a WWI German submarine ended up beached in the middle of Central Park https://t.co/FLMXzDOpaC
Taco Bell ditched the Naked Chicken Chalupa, so here's how to make your own https://t.co/gde4E0UsHl
We've spotlighted great examples of nav menus from around Envato as recommended by our community. https://t.co/f6LNzsmZeb
Scuba Diving the Silfra Fissure in Iceland The Silfra Fissure is one of the most incredible dive destinations on earth, so it was an absolute MUST when I went to Iceland. While traveling through Iceland I partnered ...
Spearfishing Lionfish in Belize While staying at Hamanasi Resort in Belize, I had the opportunity to spearfish lionfish. Lionfish pose one of the greatest threats to the sustainability of coral reefs throughout the Caribbean. ...
Designers pick their favorite handwritten fonts for 2017 Here are these designers' favorite handwritten fonts for 2017 - which one's your fave?
Designer picks for script fonts: Deasy Deasy, a designer who creates fonts as August10 on Elements, ...
Best Website Navigation Menus We got our community to pick the menus they think you should definitely check out.
A collection of inspiring website navigation menus from GraphicRiver and ThemeForest.
There's no such thing as having too many fonts. https://t.co/B8o2zQ3Nvx
Top trends in typography for 2017 It's going to be a great year for fonts.
At Envato, we see a lot of fonts. While we’e working on web designs, or reviewing the typeface library of almost ...
Bill Paxton, beloved actor of '80s and '90s genre films, dead at 61
Why skeuomorphism died (and whether it'll return again) Is skeuomorphism on the way back?
Not too long ago, skeuomorphism was everywhere. Loved and useful at first, it quickly became one of the most hated trends in the design ...
Bush bath FTW 🌿🛀 🌾
@gondwanagr #fujifilmx_us #wowsouthafrica #thisissouthafrica #southafrica
Make sure your typography's on trend for 2017. https://t.co/cKo9jmDQX7
💡 ‼️ The only failure we should be afraid of is never doing it at... 💡 ‼️ The only failure we should be afraid of is never doing it at all.

MUST read => http://tgcafe.it/2h9WiED

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Samsung's new tablets are out to destroy the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 https://t.co/XjbebadhMA https://t.co/wMFXNPqzxi
The one thing that says everything about Bill Paxton's badass career https://t.co/cpnW8JjWAr https://t.co/DxeYItEYap

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