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Call the Shots for Paul McGinley in this world-first, interactive golf video from the Ballantine’s Golf Club. #ad
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5 Best Web Templates Right Now Here are 5 of the best-rated HTML/CSS templates on the newly launched web templates category on Envato Elements.
Here’s a spotlight of some of our favorite web templates that are ...
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How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search ConsoleEverything you need to know about... How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search ConsoleSearch Console is one of the most powerful tools we have for diagnosing website errors. Learn how to prioritize and resolve your site's crawl errors in Google Search Console — ...+1s 5 2 2
Happy 18th birthday, Google! Happy 18th birthday, Google!+1s 8 0 0
Congratulations to @wpbakery on recently breaking the 200,000 sales milestone with their hit item, Visual Composer!
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So many hidden treasures in Indonesia 🍃🌿
#skyscannerindonesia #wonderfulindonesia
@GoPro #goprogirl #indonesia #cunca #waterfall
We asked the community for their photography #WordPress theme recommendations. Here are @AetherThemes' picks.
5 best photography WordPress themes We asked our community for their photography WordPress theme recommendations. Here are Aether Themes' top 5.
We decided to ask our community to help us curate a list of the ...
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Yahoo's massive data breach: what you need to know/doLast Thursday, September 22, Yahoo "has... Yahoo's massive data breach: what you need to know/do

Last Thursday, September 22, Yahoo "has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company's network ...
+1s 10 0 0
Twitter has introduced an “I don’t like this tweet option” for iOS usersTwitter has... Twitter has introduced an “I don’t like this tweet option” for iOS users

Twitter has enabled a feature that lets you mark tweets that you don’t like - for iOS ...
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Trying to climb back into that weekend. 🌵via @westcoastcraft ❤️ @e_schaub #mondayselfie
Facebook overestimated average viewing time for its video ads by 60-80% for two yearsApparently,... Facebook overestimated average viewing time for its video ads by 60-80% for two years

Apparently, for the past two years Facebook only counted video views of more than 3 seconds ...
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{ TAP FOR SOUND } There are no words to describe the beauty of scuba diving in #komodo 🐢🐠🐟 Just, wow!
📷 Filmed on my Canon G7X Mark ii ...
Good site performance is really important, so this guide's invaluable if you're working with #WordPress.
A few things to try if you're finding #freelance life a little complicated.
10 Ways to Simplify Your Freelance Life Some useful tips to help you make life as a freelancer a little less complicated.
Want a simplified freelance life, with projects or assignments you love to do, but not ...
Pink Beach -- what #mermaid dreams are made of 💓💗💓
#wonderfulindonesia #skyscannerindonesia #indonesia #komodo #pink #beach
What are some of the major responsive navigation trends right now in #WordPress
You'll never be stuck for ideas again with this ultimate guide to brainstorming.
Some of the modern #typography design trends that are worth keeping an eye on.
Diversity in Stock Photos "There are huge opportunities to stand out by showing off the best of real life, rather than one narrow lens."
We're no longer satisfied with stock photos that don't reflect ...
Today was a dream 💙
This view alone would have made today unforgettable, but we followed this hike with a visit to Komodo National Park, swimming at Pink Beach ...
Do you have ideas to share about the future of #design? We're looking for new contributing writers!
The Must-Have Fonts for Graphic Designers & Font Lovers Discover some amazing new fonts for your projects.
Whether you love to use fun and interesting fonts in your work or simply in everyday use, this must-have list of everything ...
Write For Our Blog! Got something interesting to say about design or working within the creative community? Take a look at how you can become a contributor to the recently launched Envato Blog!
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Instagram is officially rolling out the Save Draft feature to iOS and Android usersOnce... Instagram is officially rolling out the Save Draft feature to iOS and Android users

Once you start creating an Instagram post, you can now save it as a draft and ...
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My favorite thing to do is go where I have never been 💕
So excited to be traveling to completely new destinations in Indonesia this week -- Padar, Komodo ...
The Ultimate Guide to Better Brainstorming Techniques You'll never be stuck for great ideas again with this comprehensive guide.
What is the best way to brainstorm and come up with innovative ideas? There are a number of ...
First stop Flores! Then #komodo in the morning! 👋🏻🐲
@skyscanner @indtravel #skyscannerindonesia #wonderfulindonesia
Top 10 Inexplicable Stock Photos This article has a chicken dressed as a cowboy, so you're probably going to want to stop whatever you're doing and check it out right now.
These days, using stock ...
A few of the awesome entries from our Photo Animator contest.

Grab the free After Effects project and make one yourself, entries close September 30!
The story of WolfSound and the blockbuster music track he's most proud of Learn a bit about Nick Tzios, AKA WolfSound on AudioJungle, and the track he's most proud of.
Nick Tzios (WolfSound) has been making music for 15 years and is now ...
An interview with Power Elite, fuelthemes Meet Envato Market's newest Power Elite Author, Fuel Themes.
fuelthemes are Envato’s newest Power Elite Authors, based in Istanbul. We asked them some questions about how they got started, and ...
From the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of #bali 🌅
Can't believe I'm back in Bali for the third time this year! But, on this trip, I'll be ...
Exploring the Current Responsive Navigation Trends in WordPress Not everybody agrees on which implementations of responsive navigation are the most effective, but these trends are definitely ones to watch if you're working with WordPress.
We take a look ...

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