Here's your first look at Best Picture heavyweight "Manchester by the Sea"
Syracuse soccer team nails locker room trick, then loses its collective mind
Potentially Earth-like planet found orbiting our neighboring star
There is nothing happier than this dog basking in a pool of tennis balls
Bill Lee, baseball's legendary 'Spaceman,' isn't slowing down at age 69
Florida, Gulf Coast facing potentially dire hurricane scenario, but details unclear
New mom calls out those who claim c-sections are an 'easy' experience.
.@jakerocheleau takes you through some Material Design fundamentals. #webdesign
Tune in tomorrow, August 25th at 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT for our next #BizChats Twitter chat!
Run the Jewels and DJ Shadow's video turns politics into 'Fight Club'
Leslie Jones hacked, photos and personal information stolen
Frank Ocean gets some 'Blonde' love from a certain Odd Future collaborator
iPhone 6, 6 Plus touchscreens malfunction en masse as iPhone 7 launch approaches
Last days to get Elements locked in at $19 a month! Don't let your chance to get your Elements subscription at this great rate slip by.
5000+ Graphic Assets. One Subscription. Unlimited Downloads.
Awesome as #parallax is, it isn't right for every site.
10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with WordPress Some cool ways to add a little something extra to your WordPress site.
Adding extra functionality to WordPress is as easy as installing a plugin.
Some cool things you may not have realized you can do with #WordPress.
Ghosts at play Acrylic and gouache on found photograph 11" x 14" 2016
Envato's Denver Meetup
Envato was live.
Envato HQ Tour
Envato was live.
Envato HQ Tour
Envato was live.
Starting in five minutes - live tour of Envato's Melbourne HQ on Facebook! Head to to join.
Hey #belize, I think I've got a crush on you 💙🇧🇿
@hamanasi_resort #hamanasi #belize
Take a look back at at how Envato was designed all those years ago.
Emoji Marketing: Beginners’ Guide 👀 👉 marketing? What... Emoji Marketing: Beginner’s Guide😂, 💕, 💩? Emoji marketing has arrived and it's taking over your customer's world. Will you be there? Here are easy ways to keep up with emoji marketing.+1s 7 3 0
See which winning design @collis picked for our 10th birthday t-shirt contest!
Share the things you've made & you could win! Only one week left. #madewithenvato
Envato Turns 10 Take a trip through the past 10 years of Envato with this cool timeline.
Come join us on a trip down memory lane and see our story.
2012: responsive design was hot, becoming ThemeForest's top free-text search term & staying there until 2015.
When Envato was founded 10 years ago:

- MySpace was SO cool.
- iTunes had reached their first billion songs downloaded.
- Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" was You. ...
Take a trip through our past 10 years with this cool timeline.
Some pretty awesome birthdays at this time of year: our 10th birthday yesterday, & the internet's 25th birthday today! Happy #InternautDay!
See the winners of our 10th birthday t-shirt design contest The judging's done, see who won.
To celebrate Envato turning 10 we invited our community to submit designs for a celebritory t-shirt and got our CEO Collis to pick the ...
Today was unBELIZEable! 💙✈️
Jokes aside, I landed in Belize this morning and already got to tick off one of my biggest travel bucket list items - flying over ...
Envato items have popped up in some unusual places. Check out our special 10th Birthday Infamous Five.
Designing a Website Ten Years Ago A lot's changed in the ten years Envato's been around. Our CEO Collis reflects on what it was like to design a site a decade ago.
Ten years ago, I ...
Don't miss out on the birthday fun. 🎂
Envato CEO @collis on what #webdesign was like when he designed our first marketplace in 2006.
There's items that pop up in famous places, and then sometimes... well, sometimes there's items that pop up in places like these. It's the special Envato 10th birthday Infamous Five!
A Decade of Design As we turn 10, we look back at some of the past decade's design trends. What design trend do you think's going to be the most important in 2016?
A ...
When you make peace with, and lie down next to your probems.
When you make peace with and lie down next to your problems.
I took the new hands-free @Logitech ZeroTouch mount for a spin up the #california coast. With voice command technology, I was able to listen to music on Spotify, reply to ...
One of the most magical destinations I've ever visited 🇯🇴
#petra #jordan #beautifuldestinations
🔥 HOT OFF THE PRESS: 🔥 Weekly Marketing Skinny • August 20, 2016Weekly Marketing... Weekly Marketing Skinny • August 20, 2016⚡ ⚡ ⚡ In the marketing news this week: thumbs down to Google Keyword Planner, 3 (!) social media shut-downs, Pinterest and Twitter updates, and more.+1s 11 1 0
Twitter released two new Notifications settings to combat abuse1. You are now able to... Twitter released two new Notifications settings to combat abuse

1. You are now able to limit notifications only to people you follow on Twitter (if opted in).

2. Quality filter ...
+1s 8 1 0
Happy #worldphotoday! 🌎📷
One of my all-time favorite photos and memories from #jordan ❤️
@visitjordan #beautifuldestinations #wadirum #goprogirl
Drop it like it's yacht ⚓️⛵️
Check out my snapchat 👻 theblondeabroad 👻 for all of the fun from yesterday's @SmashboxCosmetics yacht party!

So great to meet these beauties ...
3 Pinterest updates inspired by the PinnersPinterest has announced a few changes based on... 3 Pinterest updates inspired by the Pinners

Pinterest has announced a few changes based on the feedback they’ve heard.

1. Users can now send Pins and invites to other users ...
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🌴 Greetings from LA LA Land 🌴
#california #hollywood #summer

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