Two bros manage to say 'dude' 25 times while watching a police chase
Dude accidentally punches himself in the face in a prank strength test
Only a few days away! Design your perfect Halloween with these wonderful resources.
What's it like to land on Mars? See for yourself in this new video
Why glaciers in West Antarctica may determine the future of your city
Fat bear enjoying a nice back scratch caught on trail cam
The Blue Lagoon 💙
👙 LINK TO Farrah Bikini BY @lspaceswim IN BIO 👙
📷: @phacebook | @bluelagoonis #bluelagoon #iceland #lspaceswim #bikini
❓ 💡 How long should a blog post be?Here's what I think...Say what... ❓ 💡 How long should a blog post be?

Here's what I think...

Say what you NEED to. The rest is FLUFF. ✌️

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Working with WooCommerce? These plugins are worth a look.
Find out a little about the creation of this creepy VideoHive item.
50 Super Awesome Photoshop Actions If you're looking for the perfect Photoshop action for your project, chances are it's in this list.
Want access to amazing design assets handpicked just for you? Let's take a ...
In Melbourne tomorrow evening? Don't miss our Working Parents meetup at Envato HQ.
What a difference the right blue can make. Hallelujah. Recently got my hands of my very favorite water-based paints to work...
Need an SEO boost? Here are 8 plugins to help improve your page ranking.
Learn how (and why) we moved @envatomarket over to HTTPS.
💭 💡 “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start... 💭 💡 “Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts. You need to start somewhere.” ― Anne Lamott

Here's a story of one louse writer who mastered the art ...
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"CAN WE PUHLEASE STOP TO HUG THE HORSES?!" - Me (every day, for 10 days, while driving around Iceland) ❤️🇮🇸🐴
📷: @rachelreinertstudio | #icant #iceland #horses #travel
In this week's episode: 5 famous car brands using Envato items.
Watercrawl 😉
Check out my Iceland Packing Guide for outfit deets (it's also great for any winter adventure you have planned) 🇮🇸 LINK IN BIO 🇮🇸
📷: @darrenmillerfilms | #iceland #skogafoss #winter #travel
❓❓ What makes a good writer ‘good‘? Or a great piece of writing ‘great‘?To... How to Write Killer Blog Posts Even If You Are a Lousy Writer Like MeDoes writing blog posts intimidate you? What about writing GREAT blog posts? I know the feeling. My story of being a blah writer + my post writing routine.+1s 3 0 0
Wavelengths, Rebrands, & Publications: This Week In Design Take a look at some of the cool things happening in design this week.
Catch on the important design news & inspiration from the past week.
Wild Iceland 🌾
There really is no better way to see Iceland than by camper van. We arrived in #arnarstapi in the middle of the night and slept in ...
Humbled by one of Mother Earth's greatest miracles 🌎✨
I always thought I'd cry the first time I saw the Northern Lights. And I did. Only, it was because ...

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