Boca Juniors Director: Fran de la Fuente
DOP: Manu Bulllrich
248 0 78 secs
Built for the body that breathes.

The Einn Shell Jacket eliminates distraction with a one-piece construction designed to maximize breathability and water protection in a range of elements. Whatever the ...
"CAN WE PUHLEASE STOP TO HUG THE HORSES?!" - Me every day (for 10 days) driving around Iceland ❤️🐴
📷: @rachelreinertstudio | #icant #iceland #horses #travel
HUMANS What if an outsider being from somewhere else comes to Earth to see us, as one single species? Who we are, What we do, and Why?
Black, White, Young, Old, ...
2311 5 431 secs
Watercrawl 😉
Check out my Iceland Packing Guide for outfit deets (it's also great for any winter adventure you have planned) 🇮🇸 LINK IN BIO 🇮🇸
📷: @darrenmillerfilms | #iceland #skogafoss #winter #travel
Embark Directed by: Fran de la Fuente
Agency: Ogilvy Chicago
87 0 31 secs
Coca Cola - Ice Bottle Director: Fran de la Fuente
DP: Cristain Cottet
Agency: Geometry Global
381 0 40 secs
INMENTIS A man trapped in a roadtrip, over and over again.
Short Film Directed by Francisco de la Fuente, Produced by Alexan Sarikamichian, DP Manu Bullrich
Starring Javier Drolas
1181 0 748 secs
Designed to shine.

Our Director of Concepts for lululemon labs, Pascale is making New York City even brighter with her latest print design.
See for yourself. Check out our insta ...
StoryMakers Directed by: Fran de la Fuente 88 0 87 secs
INMENTIS Trailer Short Film Directed by: Fran de la Fuente 63 0 64 secs
Wild Iceland 🌾
There really is no better way to see Iceland than by camper van. We arrived in #arnarstapi in the middle of the night and slept in ...
Damnwells Ustream Show- Feb 2 Track List:

00:50 - Sell The Life
5:35 - Are you a Murderer or my Wife?
8:50 - Louisville
17:00 - NY City Skyline
23:50 - I'll Be Around
28:20 ...
145 0 5690 secs
Charity Water - Birthday Campaign I'm asking for $28 from everyone I know -- and every penny of the money raised will go directly to fund clean water projects in developing nations. Even better, charity: ... 226 2 105 secs
HUMANS Trailer Directed by Fran de la Fuente -

Shot in London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Sperlonga, Beijing, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Switzerland, Buenos AIres, Mar del Plata, NYC, Chicago, Montevideo, Punta del ...
176 0 55 secs
String Me Along I decided to change the strings and do a tune-up on my guitar today and turned the camera on to record it. First time using medium gauge strings on this ... 184 1 562 secs
Walls disappear. Screens fade. And the elements? They’ve been waiting.

From caffeine-fueled commutes to alpine adventures, you need gear designed for the body in motion. We’ll see you outside— whatever ...
Puppies from the same litter meeting for the first time Samson meets his brother Goose and sister Stella after being seperated for 4 months from when they were puppies. 138 1 108 secs
Humbled by one of Mother Earth's greatest miracles 🌎✨
I always thought I'd cry the first time I saw the Northern Lights. And I did. Only, it was because ...
We're coming to you from local neighborhoods throughout NYC. Hop into our truck and run on a simulated course through the city while wearing some of our favourite technical gear.

Bucket list scuba dive in the Silfra Fissure thanks to @ArcticAdventures! 💦
Silfra is the only place in the world where you can dive between continental plates.

The water ...
I can't express how special it was to finally see the Northern Lights earlier this week in Iceland! Last night, I got my second performance at the Gardur lighthouse 😍
Warm up to cooler days.

Featured: First Mile Jacket—your cold-weather training partner in crime. Link in bio.
Hit the streets.

Gear that has you covered for the chilly season so you--and your goals--don't have to stay indoors. Check out what’s new, link in bio.
Strong body. Soft mind.
There is a sense of connectedness we share in places like this, with views like this. Places that bring us closer to others and closer to ourselves. Appreciate anything. Appreciate ...
You’ve got the green light to sweat.
How to Tile Large Documents for Printing in Adobe Illustrator In this Quick Tip screencast, you'll learn how to take an over-sized document in Illustrator, and tile it so you can print it across multiple pages on a regular desktop ...

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