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Пыль, железо, скорость и крупный план «визитной карточки» M48A2 Räumpanzer — ничего лишнего на этом арте от [club104781048|ExP ART]! Вы, кстати, думали, для чего ещё на поле боя может пригодиться бульдозерный отвал? 😏 13 336
Голосование почти завершилось — уже завтра мы узнаем, кто сойдётся в «Битве блогеров — 2020». А за кого топишь ты? 10 821
Друзья, яростное сражение за ваши голоса подошло к концу: по результатам голосования в финал «Битвы блогеров — 2020» прошли Протанки - Юша, Amway921 и KorbenDallas.
LeBwa попал в финал состязания, минуя отборочный этап, на правах прошлогоднего победителя.
Те, кто хочет ...
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В Премиум магазине появился M48A2 Räumpanzer — немецкий средний танк VIII уровня! Лобовое бронирование башни — до 254 мм., а визитная карточка — бульдозерный отвал — выполняет роль экрана толщиной 30 мм.
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Roman Polanski denies new 'violent' rape claim The film director threatens to sue after a fresh allegation from a former French actress.
Turkey starts sending Islamic State fighters back to home countries Turkey says one US jihadist has been expelled, and several Europeans will follow shortly.
20+ Best Personal WordPress Blog Themes for 2019 Whether you want to establish your personal brand or share your passion for travel or cooking, a personal blog is the easiest way to get your writing out into the wild.A personal blog can be a great way build your ...
Jingye to invest £1bn and save 'thousands of British Steel jobs' The Chinese company says it will invest £1.2bn in British Steel following rescue agreement.
General election 2019: Brexit Party will not stand in Tory seats Nigel Farage says the party will not contest seats won by the Tories in 2017, but will stand against Labour.
Updated Course: A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress We've all heard that stat about WordPress powering a quarter of the internet. If you're late to the party, don't worry—just take our popular course, A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress. We've just completely revamped it to take account of ...
Russian historian found with body parts accused of murder Napoleon expert Oleg Sokolov admits in court he shot his girlfriend in his St Petersburg flat.
— Приключение на 15 минут, зашли и вышли! 42 178
James Le Mesurier, White Helmets co-founder, discovered dead in Turkey The body of ex-British Army officer James Le Mesurier is found near his office in Istanbul.
Spanish elections: Socialists win amid far-right surge The ruling Socialists again fall short of a majority in the election with the far right coming third.
15 Creative WordPress Themes for Portfolios & Blogs (2020) A creative WordPress portfolio theme is the best way to showcase your past work and skill as a creative artist. Whether you’re a designer, an illustrator, a photographer, or any other creative, creating a portfolio website is a must if you ...
Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Blogs in 2019 Blogging is one of the easiest ways for people to share information. Starting a blog is easy, but growing it can be hard. Your blog needs to stand out if you wish to dominate any niche. Plugins are the tools that ...
C 11 по 18 ноября — средний танк Škoda «Барабан и внезапность» T 27 в Премиум магазине! Самое время пополнить коллекцию мобильным и кусачим чехом: 10 205
More than 750kg of cocaine washes up on French Atlantic beaches Tides have dumped more than 750kg of cocaine on France's Atlantic coast this month, police say.

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