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Biden raises election meddling with Putin in first phone call The Russian leader says his first call with the new US president was "business-like and frank".
Программа trade-in снова в деле! С 18 января 9:00 до 1 февраля 9:00 (МСК) покупай премиум танки, сдавая неиспользуемые/неинтересные в зачёт!
Новые танки для сдачи:
✅ Объект 274а
✅ M24E2 Super Chaffee
✅ M4A1 FL 10
✅ GSOR 1008
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Вечерняя проверка на внимательность 😏 137 325
Coronavirus: New Irish travel rules will affect NI passengers Some of the changes will affect overseas passengers who then travel on to Northern Ireland.
Spanish Armada maps 'saved for the nation' The maps depict the famous sea battle in which the English fleet was victorious in 1588.
Covid-19: NI health workers to get £500 recognition payment Robin Swann says all health workers are valued and have worked tirelessly during the pandemic.
Coronavirus: EU demands UK-made AstraZeneca vaccine doses The bloc says UK plants are obliged to help make up for possible shortfalls in EU production.
Madrid feminist mural: Councillors thwart effort to remove artwork City councillors step in to protect the artwork, which critics argued had a "political message".
Covid: Curfew stays despite 'scum' riots in Dutch cities Three nights of rioting will not halt night curfews aimed at stopping coronavirus, say Dutch ministers.
Navalny protests: Russia threatens TikTok with fines over protest posts Russia says TikTok and other social media giants are refusing to remove posts about recent protests.
Emotet botnet taken down by international police swoop Police from the UK, EU, and North America take down a notorious cyber-crime web.
Напоминаем, что наша игра открыта для модификаций, которые соответствуют Политике честной игры. При этом мы продолжаем защищать World of Tanks от нежелательных, нечестных и вредоносных программ, которые вмешиваются в игровой процесс и дают непредусмотренные преимущества. Нарушения правил неприемлемы, а честная ... 148 385
Специальные задачи для новых итальянских тяжёлых танков принесут потрясающие элементы внешнего вида на римскую тематику! Узнай все подробности: 23 136
Coronavirus: Germany rejects 'mixed up' reports on AstraZeneca jab AstraZeneca has also dismissed German media reports, saying its vaccine is effective at all ages.

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