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Ukraine war: EU set to approve cap on price of Russian oil The European Union agrees a cap of $60 a barrel on exported Russian crude, after Poland gave its backing.
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UK strikes digital trade deal with Ukraine The agreement is expected to improve cooperation on cyber security, AI and new technologies.
No more airplane mode? EU to allow calls on flights EU airlines will be able to install equipment that lets them provide 5G on board planes by June 2023.
BP 'stands to receive blood money’ from Ukraine war A presidential adviser says the oil giant is could still receive profits from its stake in Russia's Rosneft.
Ukraine war: Germany to cover energy bills as gas prices soar Germany is spending €300bns to shield its people from soaring energy bills. Will it work?
World Cup 2022: German media and pundits react to group stage elimination Germany's elimination in the World Cup group stages for the second time in a row has led to a scathing reaction in the media at home.
Russian mercenary videos 'top 1bn views' on TikTok The platform is said to be hosting hundreds of videos that celebrate the Russian Wagner group.
Ukraine war: Russia demands annexations recognised before talks The Kremlin says the West's refusal to recognise its seizure of Ukrainian land makes talks harder.
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Ukraine war: Letter bomb at Ukraine's Spain embassy injures employee Ukrainian embassies have been ordered to increase security after a security guard was injured.
Ukraine war: Animal eye packages sent to eight embassies across Europe Ukraine's foreign ministry says a "campaign of terror" is taking place against its embassies.
Finland's Sanna Marin says Europe would be in trouble without US "I must be brutally honest with you," Sanna Marin says. "We would be in trouble without the US."
Ukraine war: Kyiv displays dummy nuclear-capable missile fired by Russia Kyiv says the missiles were fired with non-explosive warheads to deplete Ukrainian air defences.
Ukraine war: Learning to survive in Ladyzhyn, a town with no heating Ladyzhyn's 18,000 people went without heating for a week after Russian missiles hit its power plant.
Poland says stolen Kandinsky auctioned in Germany The German auctioneer suspends finalisation of the sale after an angry response in Poland.
Ukraine war: Can we expect peace talks to begin? Joe Biden says he is willing to sit down with Vladimir Putin, but when might peace talks take place?

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