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Wall Demo 3 - Flat layout

Turkey: Two officers injured in blast outside interior ministry Kurdish militants say they carried out the attack in which one man blew himself up.
'Mummy, I love you, we're going to die': Spain club fire kills 13 Authorities declare a mourning period for victims of a blaze that engulfed three clubs.
Europe regain Ryder Cup with win over United States on dramatic day in Rome England's Tommy Fleetwood secures the winning point as Europe regain the Ryder Cup in dramatic fashion in Rome.
Biden vows to stand by Ukraine, despite budget fiasco US support "cannot be interrupted" after military aid was excluded from a budget deal.
Slovakia elections: Populist party wins vote but needs allies for coalition Former PM Robert Fico, who opposes military support for Ukraine, will try to form a government.
Yury Garavsky: Swiss trial acquits man who admitted abducting Belarus politicians A Belarusian is released despite giving a detailed account of disappearing opposition members.
Rouen fire: Major fire breaks out in French city A huge fire tears through two disused buildings in the French city, with flames and smoke rising high into the sky.
Reverse migration: Why I'm moving from France to Algeria Journalist Maher Mezahi writes that despite his immigrant father's cynicism, he fell in love with Algeria.
Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia says 100,000 refugees flee region Almost the entire ethnic Armenian population has fled the region since Azerbaijan seized it last week.
Migrants celebrate and dance after being rescued Male migrants from Syria, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Egypt danced after being rescued off the coast of Libya.
Storm Daniel: Greek farmers fear they may never recover Greek farmers fear for the future as crops, orchards and herds of animals were lost in Storm Daniel.
US urges Serbia to withdraw troops from Kosovo border as tensions rise In response to the "current situation", the UK sends troops to join Nato peacekeepers Kfor in Kosovo.
Sweden gangs: Army to help police after surge in killings The military will provide help with analysis, logistics and explosives handling, the PM says.
Rotterdam shootings: Hospital was warned of 'psychotic' suspect The woman had complained about her neighbour and prosecutors warned of the suspect's "psychotic behaviour".
Watch: Smoke billows out of building after Rotterdam shooting At least three people have been killed in twin shootings in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, police say.
Portland Snow - Feb 2018 Portland got a late winter snow. I took the drone up for a few shots. 41 0 126 secs
Vaughn_CARETX This video is about Vaughn_CARETX 65 0 139 secs
Puppy brothers meeting Goose and Samson are brothers from the same litter who haven't seen each other since they were adopted as puppies 4 months ago. The immediately recognized each other and had fun playing in the park fo ... 704 0 71 secs
Puppies from the same litter meeting for the first time Samson meets his brother Goose and sister Stella after being seperated for 4 months from when they were puppies. 157 1 108 secs
Me Right Now | Apr 27, 1 31 28 PM Me Right Now at the top of Silver Star mountain in Washington, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood in the background. Also, I appear to be snacking on something. 180 0 19 secs
Charity Water - Birthday Campaign I'm asking for $28 from everyone I know -- and every penny of the money raised will go directly to fund clean water projects in developing nations. Even better, charity: water will show us exactly whi ... 272 2 105 secs
String Me Along I decided to change the strings and do a tune-up on my guitar today and turned the camera on to record it. First time using medium gauge strings on this guitar and I like the sound so far. I decided t ... 244 1 562 secs

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