Facebook and Instagram platforms recent changes’ impacts on our products

Hi there,

Yesterday, Facebook announced changes to the Instagram and Facebook platforms “to continuously improve Instagram users’ privacy and security.” These changes, that got effective immediately, impacted all third-party applications, including Social Board and all of our other social media related products. We are working to address any impact, and want to give you an update on what’s happening.

While there are many changes being made to the Facebook and Instagram platforms that impact the content we collect, rest assured that the majority of features and functionality you turn to Social Board for will continue to operate uninterrupted, including many Instagram and Facebook use-cases.

Our developers are resolving issues and restoring services throughout Social Board and all of our other social media related products but, until further notice, the following features are disabled:

  • Instagram User Feeds will no longer collect content. All other type of feeds will continue to work.
  • Facebook Page Feeds will no longer collect content using the App Tokens generated with newly created Facebook Apps. We can still provide you with a quick solution for this problem if you contact our support desk.

Subsequently, we will announce you about all the changes we are going to make in our products to bring back these features as much as we can.

At the end, we disagree with the way Facebook implemented these changes, but we respect the data privacy concerns rocking the industry today, and strongly champion the need for better controls on user data.
We look forward to our future product launches and resolving any issues that arise from yesterday’s update. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Axent Media