7 steps to make your brand new website popular

Once you create a new branded website for your business or any reason, you can make it popular to get traffic and find new costumers in 7 easy steps: unique contents, SEO, Article Marketing, Forum Marketing, Social Networking, Giving out freebies and continues activity.
Once you create a new branded website for your business or any reason, the next step is to make it popular to get traffic and find new costumers. But, how to do this even if you don’t have any email contact list yet and you don’t have enough budgets for paid advertising. Should you just sit there and wait for people to find your new site? Certainly it is not possible! Here I describe you 7 free ways that you can make your website popular to target traffic to your new website and get more costumers.

If your website idea is not unique just write unique contents

Unique content means an original content that you have just written in the world and you are sure that the exact copy of the article does not exist anywhere else in the internet. It does not mean that you most describe a new idea in your article. You may probably rewrite some ideas you have learned in school, from your friends, books or on the Internet. Offer free, original, and quality content on your site. This is the most effective means for increasing traffic to a website, offering people something that they cannot find elsewhere.

Optimize your website for search engines

Search engine optimization is about ways to get your website to the top of search engines searching results. You can do this by generating useful content like articles and blogs, by social networking and multimedia development. This sounds easy but it’s a lot of hard work. Here are some techniques that will help to improve your search engine ranking: Use researched keywords and place keywords strategically in your contents. Keep your content updated and improve your Internet Presence by creating content that is helpful and useful. Use a great domain name. Build incoming or back links. Include Meta and title tags in your pages. Provide enough content that means 250 to 300 words in a page. Use images sparingly. Avoid using frames if possible.

Article Marketing

Write articles that get along to your website topics and submit them into article directories, wikis, communities and ezines that rank well for your keywords. Do not forget to include a brief bio and link to your website at the end of each article you submit and have in mind that every article directory has stressed the importance of unique content. Use a targeted submission campaign for your articles. It is not important that the article idea is not new, the article definitely must be new. So, differentiate your article from competitor articles. It must contain your style of communication that is different from the any other English users on the internet.

Forum Marketing

Do a quick search on Google for forums related to your website content. For example, if you have a laptop related website, search the keyword “laptop technical forum” without quotes. Find the top forums in your niche and join them and set up a profile. Add your signature, and post an introduction about yourself and your website. Get involved in these forums by posting at least one thread or reply per day but have in mind that DO NOT SPAM never. This will help you to gain exposure in your target business, and people will naturally be interested in your related website.

Social Networking

Set up a profile at popular social networking websites like Google+, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Create a network, circle or community with your friends and all people in your niche and recommend your website articles on your page. It is very easy to grow your network just by keeping your page up to date and active. You will see the people who are interested in what you offer, will find you fast and easily and you can redirect them to your website.

Give freebies

Every Internet user likes freebies. Free online freebies will bring more visitors to your website quickly. You can give out on your website freebies such as: links to downloading of free licensed software, free fonts, Icons, wallpaper, free web templates, screensavers, business card themes, etc. an eBook containing your website articles with your ad on it. Free online tools and services like: automatic search engine submitter, logo and banner creator, etc… that could be helpful to your target visitors. You can also give a free consultant to your website visitors. Sending out free CDs and DVDs related to your services or contents will be a good idea.

Be patient and never be inactive

In fact all search engines need specific time to index a new website. Also your submitted articles and all of your activities in different directories and communities should be considered by online users. It depends into your website ranking and popularity. Do not be apathetic about your website and continue adding high quality contents to your website and keep it up to date and relevant.